Our Story

In 2017 a couple of friends came up with the idea of interviewing people with a large following in order to understand why these influencers are so popular. Why are they so successful? What are their habits? What are their tricks and trades? The fascination with influencers came from what it is these people stand for. Almost all of them represent freedom and drive. To do what makes you happy and to give that your all. Most of them now earn their income doing what they love, something many of us could learn from. The idea was to then publish these interviews to share the information with the world. And so the Museum of the Influencers (the MOTI) was born. Why “Museum”? Because people go to a museum, for 3 reasons: To learn, to admire and to be entertained. That is exactly what The MOTI strives to do.

The two friends began interviewing influencers in the fitness scene, but soon expanded to include influencers active in various different niches. The interviews are published daily, in bite size chunks to give the influencers’ followers something to look forward to every day. This format proved to be very popular and the MOTI grew into a popular platform where influencer fans come to learn more about their idols and where those who have the ambition of becoming an influencer themselves can find information and courses to help them attain their goal. The platform is expanded continually and today a team of programmers work incessantly on optimizing the platform to deal with the growth and on adding new features. The MOTI interviews influencers from around the globe.

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