Zwanetta Fox

Zwanetta Fox on why she joined Temptation Island, would she do it again and money. (part 1)

Zwanetta Fox on what she is doing for a living, music, inspiration & collaborations. (part 2)

Zwanetta Fox on her goal in life. (part 3)

Zwanetta Fox on what her mom thought of her when she joined Temptation Island. (part 4)

Zwanetta Fox on if she feels famous after Temptation Island and Instagram followers. (part 5)

Zwanetta Fox on problems with Boxing Influeners, getting paid only 1400 euros. (part 6)

Zwanetta Fox on Boxing Influencers, if she would be open for a rematch. (part 7)

Zwanetta Fox on if she would join Temptation Island with her boyfriend. (part 8)

Zwanetta Fox on celebrities sliding in her DMs and meeting her boyfriend the same way. (part 9)

Zwanetta Fox on Temptation Island moments people never got to see. (part 10)

Zwanetta Fox on what she would have done differently in the past. (part 11)

Zwanetta Fox on misconceptions about her. (part 12)

Zwanetta Fox on dealing with insecurities and misconceptions about her. (part 13)

Zwanetta fox on claiming to be vegan, while still eating meat. (part 14)

Zwanetta Fox takes off her wig! (part 15)

Zwanetta Fox: The young dance and song phenomenon wants to take her passion to the next level. The Urban Dancer graduate has performed several times on major stages in the Netherlands and beyond, such as at the Red Fest festival in Dubai together with Eva Simons. As a little girl, music was already in her blood. She even became national champion in various Dutch dance competitions. As she grew older she came into contact with larger artists in the Netherlands. As a dancer, for example, she has danced in several video clips, including video clips by Lil Kleine, Ronnie Flex and Hardwell As a result, she came into contact with the people who are in the music industry. Her biggest dream has always been to combine her dance with singing. That dream has now come true.

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