Julius Maddox

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Maddox was born and raised in Owensboro, KY, where he still lives today with his wife Heaven and their four children. In high school, Maddox was recruited for football by several top Division-1 programs, but faced troubles with drug addiction, depression, and jail time. Because of this, Maddox eventually faced a choice between two 5-year prison sentences or entering a recovery program. Maddox entered the recovery program, where he found a set of weights and began his powerlifting journey.

Despite his rough background, Maddox is a very uplifting, inspirational, and entertaining person. He can frequently be seen giving motivational speeches, wearing a Mullet wig, and shooting various high-calibre rifles on his Instagram, and other social medias.

Maddox had been lifting for around seven years at the time he set the world bench press record. Maddox credits lifting weights to helping him overcome his addictions and problems. He also attributes his Christian faith; he can frequently be thanking Christ for his life and strength, most notably on his Instagram account, where the top line of text under his username is, "Jesus 1st".

Maddox has stated that one of his personal inspirations is C.T. Fletcher. His progressive goal is to bench press 800 pounds.

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