Danielle Grayfit

Danielle Gray on how it all started, her company and training former athletes. (part 1)

Danielle Gray on her diet, nutrition, how she coaches her clients & her retreat. (part 2)

Danielle Gray on her private life, goals and attending Tony Robbins. (part 3)

Danielle Gray on not enjoying weight training, people talking at the gym and Equinox. (part 4)

Danielle Gray on Dean Graziosi, Rachel Hollis and her private life. (part 5)

Danielle Gray on automating her work & being represented by Wilhelmina Models. (part 6)

Danielle Gray on the importance of Social Media & ownership. (part 7)

Danielle understands firsthand what it’s like to have high expectations for yourself. She knows that with her proven processes for mindset shifts, you can accomplish anything when you break it down into the smallest steps possible. She has created a way to make health and fitness comprehensible, enjoyable, efficient, and effective. Danielle is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, Wilhelmina fitness model, speaker, and the founder of Train Like A Gymnast. She is also a certified personal trainer with specialties in bodyweight training, nutrition, kettlebells, pre and post natal exercise as well as a former Junior Olympic gymnast, judge and coach. Train Like A Gymnast helps high achieving formerly competitive athletes increase confidence, reduce stress and anxiety, and become more emotionally intelligent through physical and mental conditioning so that they can maximize their full potential. TLAG takes a holistic approach to health and wellness, recognizing that 99% of training like a gymnast is mental. Once you get your mind right, it’s a domino effect when it comes to your performance, strength, flexibility, and the rest of your life. She comes from a musical family, is an only child fortunately raised by a single mother in the prosperous neighborhood of Manhattan Beach, California, was a legacy "Scion student" at the University of Southern California, turned down a promotion at her desk job in online marketing prior to going full time into fitness, and as lame as it may sound, foods she can’t resist are fruits, greek yogurt and granola or a macro bowl.

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