Christian Fleenor

Christian Fleenor on his goals, Social Media marketing and entrepreneurship. (part 1)

Christian Fleenor on his childhood and what brought him into fitness. (part 2)

Christian Fleenor on difficult moments and learning from various mentors for his business. (part 3)

Christian Fleenor on his personal life & how he met his girlfriend. (part 4)

Christian Fleenor on his diet, nutrition, his type of clients & Instagram. (part 5)

Christian Fleenor on how he keeps himself motivated. (part 6)

Christian Fleenor on competing, steroids, being natural, nutrition & supplements. (part 7)

Christian Fleenor on supplement brands, sponsorship & his vision for the future. (part 8)

Christian Fleenor is a Fitness Entrepreneur, Fitness Model, Natural Athlete, Bodybuilder, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer. In 2013 he started his journey realizing that the internet can be a powerful tool, if used correctly. He started creating various streams of income leveraging popular social media. He decided to share his path to financial freedom by mentoring others in their quest to attain the same goal. As a fitness coach he realized there were very few workout videos available that show full workouts for free. He jumped into that void by creating over 1000 workouts that pretty much anybody can do. He made a name for himself on Instagram with his free content, but perhaps more importantly with his enthusiasm and disarming personality.

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